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Modular bench-top fermenter system
Modelo: FerMac 200

Our modular control system

The FerMac 200 series offers a real alternative to our competitors with a truly modular system approach.

Photobioreactor Light Shroud
Modelo: Fermac PLS2

Photobioreactors are one of the key tools used in algal biofuel research

Flexible light shrouds

Our range of LED light shrouds are suitable for use with our FerMac 200 and 320 series of bioreactor systems, as well as bioreactors from other manufacturers.

Air Lift Bioreactors
Modelo: FerMac

The Air Lift bioreactor can be used with our FerMac 360 controller, of where simpler control is required, the appropriate 200 series control modules.

Bench-Top Bioreactor System
Modelo: FerMac 310/60

The FerMac 360 Controller is simple to use, powerful and effective.

Modular Bioreactor control system
Modelo: FerMac 320

The FerMac 320 Controller is technically the same as the 360 version, but with the addition of an internal motor driver.

CO2/O2 Off-Gas Analyser
Modelo: Fermac 368

The FerMac 368 Gas Analyser measures the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the outlet gas from your bioreactor or fermenter.

Dissolved Carbon Dioxide Sensor CO?NTROL Hamilton
Modelo: 10087810-11

Hamilton's CO?NTROL is a solid state sensor that directly measures DCO? and provides maintenance-free, real-time, online monitoring of this important critical process parameter.

Incyte Arc Hamilton Biomass Sensor
Modelo: 243950-0211

Incyte Arc sensors allow real-time on-site measurement of viable cells.

pH Sensor Polilyte Plus Hamilton
Modelo: Polilyte Plus H Arc 120

Polilyte Plus sensors are maintenance-free by design to withstand demanding industrial applications in chemical, petrochemical, process water and wastewater treatment applications.

EasyFerm Plus ORP Arc Hamilton
Modelo: EasyFerm Plus ORP Arc 120

EasyFerm ORP Arc sensors have all the benefits of traditional EasyFerm ORP sensors enhanced by the intelligence of Arc technology.

Optical dissolved oxygen sensor Hamilton
Modelo: VisiFerm DO Arc

The Visi family of sensors have a blue LED on the sensor shaft and an oxygen sensitive dye (phosphor) attached to a glass window in the replaceable sensor cap.

Conducell 4UxF - Arc
Modelo: Conducell 4UxF - Arc

Conducell 4UxF Arc 4-pole conductivity sensors have a VP8 connector and are available with PG13.

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