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InTemp CX600/700 Series
Modelo: CX600 / CX700 Series

InTemp CX600 Dry Ice and CX700 Cryogenic loggers make low temperature shipment monitoring easier and more affordable than ever.

MX Gateway
Modelo: MX Gateway

The new MX Gateway automatically transmits data from your HOBO MX Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) data loggers, right to the cloud! Now you can use Onset's cloud-based HOBOlink software to remotely manage your data, set alarm notifications, and create custom dashboards.

HOBO Data Logger
Modelo: EG4130

The EG4130 Pro combines an energy meter, data logger, and a web server.

HOBO Data Logger
Modelo: EG4115

The EG4115 Core is a 15-channel energy meter with 0.

HOBO Data Logger
Modelo: MX2204

The HOBO MX2204 TidbiT waterproof temperature logger leverages the power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to deliver high-accuracy temperature measurements straight to your iOS or Android mobile device.

HOBO Data Logger
Modelo: MX2201

The HOBO MX2201 waterproof temperature logger leverages the power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to deliver accurate temperature measurements straight to your iOS or Android mobile device.

HOBO Data Logger
Modelo: MX2202

The HOBO MX2202 waterproof temperature/light level logger leverages the power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to deliver accurate temperature and light-level measurements straight to your iOS or Android mobile device.

HOBO Bluetooth Low Energy pH and Temperature Data Logger
Modelo: MX2501

The HOBO MX2501 pH and Temperature Data Logger is designed for long-term monitoring of pH in estuaries, lakes, streams, rivers, and oceans.

HOBO Temperature/RH Data Logger - MX2301A
Modelo: MX2300 Serie

The HOBO MX2301 is a weatherproof data logger with built-in temperature and relative humidity sensors.

HOBO U30 USB Weather Station Data Logger - U30-NRC
Modelo: U30-NRC

This rugged weather station is Onset?s most durable outdoor environmental monitoring solution.

HOBO Temperature Data Logger - MX100
Modelo: MX100

Onset?s HOBO MX100 is a low-cost, splash-proof data logger that measures and transmits temperature data wirelessly to mobile devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

HOBO RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station Data Logger
Modelo: RX3000


The HOBO RX3000, Onset?s most flexible remote data logging station, provides instant access to site-specific environmental data anywhere, anytime via the internet.

InTemp CX data loggers
Modelo: CX

VFC-Compliant Data Loggers with Free Cloud Storage

Meets CDC and VFC program requirements for both refrigerators and freezers
Cost-effective temperature monitoring with NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES, and a free mobile app
Quick setup and deployment with the superior ease-of-use provided by the mobile app
Easy transfer of logger data to the free InTempConnect cloud storage

Streamlined daily temperature checks simplify pharmacy compliance with GDP guidelines for storage monitoring
Easy logger deployment and data collection, for less time spent on setup and compliance and more time spent with patients
CDC-compliant 3-year NIST Certificate of Calibration, with the option to participate in Onset?s automatic recalibration program

Simple Setup and Streamlined Data Collection

InTemp CX402-VFC data loggers monitor temperatures in refrigerators, freezers, and other temperature-controlled environments.

Bluetooth low energy temperature and relative humidity data logger
Modelo: MX-1101

Onset?s HOBO MX1101 is a Bluetooth« Smart enabled data
logger that measures and transmits temperature and relative
humidity data wirelessly to mobile devices via Bluetooth
Smart technology.

HOBO Bluetooth Low Energy Water Level Data Logger
Modelo: MX2001

View our recorded webinar!
HOBO« MX2001 Water Level Logger
Get your HOBO MX2001 Water Level Logger! Starting at $595 USD, plus cable.

HOBO Water Temperature Pro v2 Data Logger - U22-001
Modelo: U22-001

The HOBO Water Temp Pro v2 is durable with 12-bit resolution.

TidbiT v2 Water Temperature Data Logger - UTBI-001
Modelo: UTBI-001

Only 3x4 cm, this tiny data logger measures temperatures over a wide temperature range.

HOBO U20L Data Loggers
Modelo: U20L

The HOBO U20L Series is the industry?s lowest-cost family of loggers for monitoring water level and temperature in both fresh and saltwater, in depths up to 100 feet.

HOBO UX90 Occupancy/Light Logger
Modelo: UX90-006

The HOBO Occupancy & Light data logger monitors room occupancy and indoor light changes to identify occupancy patterns and determine energy usage and potential savings.

HOBO 4-Channel Thermocouple Data Logger - UX120-014M
Modelo: UX120-014M

The HOBO UX120 Thermocouple Logger is a four-channel LCD data logger for measuring and recording temperature in a broad range of monitoring applications.

HOBO UX100 Type J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N Thermocouple
Modelo: UX100-014M




High-accuracy J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N thermocouple readings
Easy-to view LCD display
Large memory capacity
Visual high & low alarm thresholds
New Burst and Statistics logging modes
Record ambiant temperature with internal thermistor

UX100 Series Models
Modelo: Serie UX 100

The HOBO UX100 Series is Onset?s next-generation family of data loggers for tracking temperature and relative humidity in indoor environments.

HOBO Pro v2 Loggers
Modelo: Serie U23

? User-replaceable RH sensor provides improved performance in
humid environments
? External probe versions
? Data readout in less than 30 seconds via fast, direct USB interface

Memory: 42,000 measurements
Sample rate: 1 second to 18 hours, fxed rate or multiple logging intervals
Battery life: 3 years (typical)?user-replaceable


HOBO Pendant Loggers
Modelo: Serie Pendant

HOBO Pendant data loggers are economical, waterproof temperature data loggers designed for a variety of short and long-term monitoring applications.

HOBO Power Logging System
Modelo: T-VER-E50B2

New! HOBO Power Logging System
Measure Power Factor, Reactive Power, Watt Hours and more!
The HOBO Power Logging System merges the HOBO UX120 Pulse Logger with Onset's E50B2 Energy and Power Meter, providing a comprehensive energy and power monitoring solution.

Water level logger
Modelo: Serie U20

HOBO« Water Level Indicators feature high accuracy water level measurements at a sensible price.

HOBO« Conductivity Data Logger
Modelo: U24-001

The HOBO U24 Conductivity Logger is a high-accuracy, cost-effective data logger for measuring conductivity and temperature in streams, lakes, and other freshwater sources.

Stainless Temperature Logger
Modelo: U12-15

The HOBO U12 Stainless Temperature Logger is ideal for food, pharmaceutical, autoclave, and other applications where high-accuracy temperature data is critical.

Thermocouple Logger
Modelo: U12

The new HOBO U12 J, K, S, T Thermocouple logger with 12-bit resolution provides high-accuracy measurement over wide temperature ranges.

LCD Temp/Relative Humidity (RH) Data Logger
Modelo: MOD. U14-001

With Display and Alarm Output

HOBO LCD Temperature/Relative Humidity (RH) Data Loggers display and record temperature and humidity conditions, for use in manufacturing, processing, and storage environments where reliable monitoring and documentation of specific temp/RH conditions are critical.

HOBO« H6 Family
Modelo: Familia H6

The HOBO H6 Family of data loggers record on/off or open/closed status changes, storing time, date, and state information for each change.

HOBO« U12 Indoor Data Logger Family
Modelo: Serie U12

12-bit loggers with USB interface

New HOBO U12 Family loggers offer reliability and convenient monitoring for applications that require higher accuracy, better resolution, more memory or USB connectivity for fast data readout to your PC.

Data Loggers
Modelo: Familia H08

The HOBO H8 family of easy-to-use datause data collection at affordable prices.

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